Please do not expect any long stories about my vita, my motivation to be a photographer or the story:" All started in childhood when my grandpa gave my first camera to me." What matters is my work not what I write about me.

I am Michael Oestreich. Squarecircle Production was founded in 2010. Thenceforce I have been trying to survive Berlin's creativity secor. I made it with a lot of endurance. My clients have been convinced by my workflow, pricing and of course the result of my work.

I work together with artists, musicians and Start Ups. Groups that start out on their business and appreciate a close cooperation and an extended range of service. My knowledge and experiences allow me to offer exactly that. I maintain their projects with photography, video production and graphic design.

If you still want to get more information about me, ask me to coffee (I like it black with some sugar) or beer (Actually I don't like beer but make me happy with whiskey).

I look forward to meeting you.

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